I Cannot Get A True Diagnoses And My Hubby Just Thinks I Need To Exercise!!errrr

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PLEASE! Someone out there help me know I'm not just a lazy pain in the As@!!! I constantly feel like a failure! I have three boys and husband (completely in denial), work a part time job, but can honestly hardly do that! I even take 60mg of Adderral a day and have issues functioning normal!

We live at a camp with a super close knit group so people here are offended when I don't show up to something:(. And all my husband tells me is just try harder! Excercise and eat better (which my diet is very healthy compared to his!

He KNOWS that my mother even testifies I've been like this since kindergarten.

Any help or suggestions I will appreciate greatly!

Anita ;-(

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I HATED hearing this! It's incredibly difficult to be active when you're ALWAYS tired. The only way I can work out is if I take my Adderall! However, you're a mother! (Which I'm dreading that day to come because I'm worried I will be too tired to fulfill the difficult duties of a mother).

Like b.chrissie said, the diagnosis will give you some peace of mind because you know what is wrong. However, I also learned eating small snacks instead of meals throughout the day kept me from having "crashes." That could help with energy. It's saved me.

I'm prescribed 30 mg Adderall, but I only take 10-15 mg because I hate how it makes me feel. I'm curious if Adderall gives you the "brain farts" it gives me at high doses? It made my brain feel tired where I would take longer to count money sometimes.

As for your husband, you need to calmly sit him down and explain that him saying those things hurt you. Explain that you are a team, and you need his support right now. Encouragement will help you rather than little comments that hurt. He loves you, so I know he'll understand. But sometimes men need to be sat down and firmly told how you feel.

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Narcolepsy has caused strain in my relationships with friends and family also.  Just tell them to stay up all night and read the phone book the next day to understand what it feels like.  Still, most people who aren't sick are jerks, and don't have compassion or empathy for those that are.  Narcolepsy taught me to have that compassion for others.  It was the only good thing that came from the disease.  Now I want to get well enough to become a sleep tech. and help others (apnea patients) who are suffering.  I can relate, because I know what it feels like.

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