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Help, Xyrem Not Putting Me 2 Sleep

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#1 ruthie s.

ruthie s.


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Posted 09 December 2013 - 05:00 PM

Defying all logic......I am experiencing a strong tranqillizing affect from Xyrem, but SLEEPY-NESS is missing from the equation.

No eating 2-3 hrs prior, and YES feel tired before even taking the stuff. Just don't feel dozy enough to fall asleep and let that heavy duty tranquillizing effect go to work on me in the SLEEP state. .. then after getting a light sleep from dose#2, I wake up a couple hrs later & feel wide awake.

I have extreme excessive sleepiness & can sleep days straight! Why not now? 

Im only up to 2 rounds of 3.75, at the end of week three, but am not accustomed to any previous sleeping pills except benydryl (antihistamine) so you'd think even these small doses would at least ALLOW for my natural sleepiness, if not zonk me flat out into sleep at neutral baseline.

Might it be a totally different experience at the 4.5 level?

#2 britneyadams



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 07:50 PM

This happened to me too.  I would say a lot of what kept me awake was my anxiety.  I was anxious to begin with… then experience of being conscious when I shouldn't be made made me more anxious… it was a vicious cycle.  So, I'll tell you what I did and maybe this will work for you.


I acknowledged my worries, but countered them with a affirmative.  Fear: I'm not reacting well to Xyrem.  Counter: No, Xyrem is working, and I know this because of the affect its having on the rest of my body.  


I got into a nightly routine.  Set up my Xyrem.  Get ready for bed.  Read a book until I'm tired, and then take Xyrem.  Doing this at the same time every night.  Avoid watching tv, using a smartphone or laptop.  The light will affect your sleep.


Finally, one thing I didn't know until after I had started the medication is the effect salt has on the body.  Think about increasing your water intake and take a multivitamin everyday.  I cannot stress enough how much I benefitted from this!


Idk.. I may be completely off base.  But my reaction was similar and these are some things that worked for me!  Good luck!  I hope this is helpful!