Xyrem And Alcohol

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I wonder how that guy is doing...This was from November. Man, I wish I would have found this site back when I was drinking! Very similar mind set to the guy who started this topic. It ended horribly for me. I can recognize now that I drank to be "fun". When I drank I was outgoing, funny,energetic, talked to everyone and people liked to be around me... I am never like that otherwise. I wish I could be but maybe someday (naturally). One of the worst parts is towards the end of my drinking days I would get so black out drunk that sometimes I would take my xyrem anyways.... yeah... not good.... Last weekend I tried to drink (it's been a long time) but since I recently started to listen to my body I could tell after two sips that it was a bad idea so I dumped out the rest. It's not worth it. There are better ways to have fun and let loose. Maybe someday I will be able to have a glass of wine once in awhile but right now I am just working on finding out what my body needs to function the best it can and I am also working on liking who I am. 

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Way to go Leanora!

Please insert a smiley face doin' a fist pump here.


Some things, like drinking and late nights, are just not worth it..."listening to your body" will put you in charge of your life.

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