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I am so FREAKING TIRED and I just wanna SLEEP but I  dont want live to pass me by.

Should I take a two week break form Provigil to regain its effectiveness?

I have been on it for 11 years and it is just  barely helping.

So hard to get up in the morning.

So hard to stay awake.

How in the H  can you take two weeks w/o it? :wacko:

I still have a life, family, job, pets, projects

Do I just HIBERNATE like a BEAR????? :ph34r: 


Does anyone have the answer- I would never kill myself but feel suicidal because my quality of life is so poor, I can barley get to work, stay awake, concentrate, love my pets, or pay close attention to my family or home.


Just need an answer--



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Keep your head up and start thinking about making changes. Like changing your doctor because he/she should realize that its time for a change of medications.

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Thanks,,for your reply..

There is not a doctor down here in the South that is knowledgeable about Narcolepsy...none suggest any changes. One doc said he just attended a physician's convention and mentioned that there were no revelations in treating this disease....

One DR told me to go off of the meds for two weeks.....dont know if I can or if it will work......have u tried any such advice?

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