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Treatment Has Been Working But Now I Can't Sleep!

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#1 Julie A

Julie A


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Posted 23 October 2013 - 10:09 PM

I have been on uppers and xyrem for years now to treat my N, which has worked out great. Now I am having the OPPOSITE problem... I CAN'T sleep! The first dose of Xyrem has NEVER knocked me out so I have always had to use something to go to sleep. Now I am up to about 5 (5mg) melatonin per night, taken with my 1st dose of Xyrem, then need an additional (3-4 of the 5mg melatonin) with dose#2, about 3-4 hours later!
I am really having trouble sleeping lately and am tired of laying awake in bed until 6am!
I have tried going off my uppers for a couple of days, which definitely made it so that by the time bed time rolled around, I was super exhausted! But even on those days, I got a total of 6 hours per day of total wakefullness, and STILL woke up about 3 hours after falling asllep and could not go back to sleep.
I ended up getting a xanax from my neighbor... out of complete desparation... and really wanted something to put me out. It did work very well but am pretty sure that it isn't something doc is willing to help me out with long-term.
Does anyone have any ideas that may help?

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 11:29 PM

Well it's going to depend on what other medications you are on, but if there aren't any contraindications, you could try one or a combination of 5-HTP, magnesium, and diphenhydramine before bed. That would be in addition to the normal sleepytime things that are typically recommended like not having TV/computer screens on or bluish/bright lights on two hours before bedtime, not doing anything that increases your heart rate, body temperature, adrenaline levels, and so on less than two hours before bedtime. Especially if melatonin has had or is having a positive effect you definitely want to avoid light two hours before bedtime because it severely suppresses your body's own melatonin output and the pill form of it only lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour unless you get a timed release version.