New Job...panic-Like Attacks

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It could be related to either Narcolepsy or the Xyrem, both have been indicated as having a role in anxiety and panic attacks. My son takes Inderal prn 10 mg occasionally. He is also on Lexapro. Another thing to notice, is it all day or more towards the morning? My sons tends to be worse in the morning before his Xyrem has worn off. At least that is my theory.

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I work in a similar environment and have had a lot of trouble with cataplexy when feeling anxious at work.

I recently started taking Prozac with my Ritalin SR.  The Prozac has eliminated all of the cataplexy.

I still have the anxious thoughts...but not the response to it. The REM suppression effect of the Prozac seems to be working well for me.

I've also taken CBT training in the past...which helps me to "talk myself down" from those anxious thoughts.


A new job is stressful for most people....be gentle with yourself while you get accustomed to your new workplace.  Try to get as much sleep as you can while you're adjusting.


I've noticed that when I talk to people at work about my N and C, they've never noticed it.  Perhaps your co-workers aren't noticing it either.

I also talk freely with my manager about the things that are stressing me out at work.

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Seriously, deep breathing provides some immediate relief so that can work.  The problem with that is that it looks a little weird to people when your talking to them or working with them.  Phenibut has helped me a lot with that, as far helping with anxiety is concerned.  Repeated exposure, ie working there a long time will take care of that though.


The problem with panic attacks is that sometimes people get panic attacks about the possibility of panic attacks.  If you get panicky, just step out for a minute "To go to the bathroom" and take some deep breaths.  It really does help.

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