Remeron - I Hope It Keeps Working

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I took a dose of Remeron last night for the 2nd time.


This morning I actually woke up rested.  It was such a nice feeling.  I can't remember waking up the last 15 years feeling so rested.


It was great.  About 50% of the sleepiness I usually have. 


I just wanted to lay in bed and enjoy it.  Haha


So happy today.  I hope it keeps working.



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Cool. Increased serotonin is known to suppress REM sleep and cause sleepiness. Remeron has a faster onset of medicinal effects than SSRIs, but you still need to wait a full two weeks to really know how effective it will be for you, due to some changes that will be occurring in the brain as it adjusts to the drug. Make sure to come back and give us an update in two weeks time!

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