Cheaper Sleep Study In Mexico Or Canada?

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Anyone here get a sleep study abroad? And did you go abroad because it was cheaper than here (in US) when you have no insurance & paying out-o-pocket?

I'm looking into in Canada or Mexico. So far it looks good for taking the MSLT & PSG and sending the results to US sleep doc to read.

Besides cost saving, my boyfriend & I have serious cases of wanderlust. We share a passion for no frills, all thrills, lonely planet type travel and adventure. That passion has been put on the back burner for the past 5 years due to a series of hardships. But we've still been dream + talk abt it & look forward to our next adventure. Our lives are structured to save and scrimp every cent so we can make those travels possible.

Now the money we've saved has to go to sleep study not travel and both we desperately need a break from the choking stress of the past 5 yrs. I'm trying to wait for the jan 1 start of Affordable Care Act/Obamacares so I can save $2000 out-of-pocket. Plus there's a lot on hold in our lives creatively and with friends as we wait for me to take a sleep study and get results or a dx. So I'm trying to wait out the next 4 months but I'm itching to get the study or and done with so my life can more on.

BUT if this is an alternative, getting to travel to someplace new and get a sleep study done at the same time, it would be, for us, an AMAZING option, the BEST case of "killing 2 bugs with 1 stone" ever! Wish I had thought of it 2 yrs ago!!!!!

P.S. I have to pay up front in full. Paying in monthly payments is bad and costly option for me (severe executive memory deficit.) as I always screw up the amount, date due or think I already paid that month for 4 months in a row, & I have a 10% success rate at getting a envelope labeled correctly with correct postage and the check in side the envelope and having the bill stub in there too, and getting that in the mail box despite years of dedication to mastering this skill. Now just focussed on paying up front & rebuilding credit score.

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Somebody (I think it was IdiopathicHypersomnia) posted that it cost $500 in Canada...out of pocket if you're not a Canadian. I just have no idea of the wait times that would be involved though and I think the test may have to be ordered by a Doctor and who knows how long it would take to get to see a Doctor. I hope I'm wrong on both those counts for your sake.
I will enquire about it being done in Guadalajara from my hubby's surgeon. We see him this Saturday. You should know that I am up to my a$$ in alligators right now as hubby is just one week post surgery.

The wonderful thing about Mexico is that you get your Doctor's office phone number, home phone number, cell phone number and e-mail address. I love it. You can book any test, any time, at your convenience and do not need a Doctor's referral even for a specialist. The only thing that you need a prescription for is antibiotics or controlled substances. I know for a fact that I can buy Modafinil without a prescription 'cuz I do it every month now.

I will e-mail him now and hopefully have some info for you soon.

P.S. The other cool thing about Mexico is that your test results are yours to other words, you are your own medical records keeper and can take them to any Doctor you wish to see.

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That was real helpful post, Ferret. Thanks. 

My best to you and yr hub. I had previously read yr post, having to drive so far and back to visit w/ your beau while he's in the hospital. I hope you and he return to routine and health as soon as possible. 


I enjoyed looking up and learning what "up my @$$ in alligators" meant, nice lil saying. At first I took it literally that you had alligators but I live near the swamps of Louisiana. I appreciate your offer abt talking to yr doc but you take of yr hubby and those alligators and yourself 1st,  

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