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Not Sure If Narcolepsy

narcolepsy cataplexy

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#1 Hom3r4o



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Posted 14 September 2013 - 02:25 PM

Since I was 18 I started getting sleep problems  which I can hardly describe,it's like just when I'm fall asleep I start getting those weird dreamlike experiences,like I'm thinking of something normal and then after some time wake up and realise all of the irrational thoughts and dreamlike stuff that happens (like the rational part of your brain shuts off to prepare for sleep and you start dreaming) .After "waking up" I feel fresh and sleepy like I wake up from sleep,but during the entire thing I don't really ever feel asleep,like one time I was "waked up" by the phone then I saw I had a missed call 6 minutes before this and I didn't heard anything though I felt like I was  awake during the time .Lot's of people told me this has happened to them too,but it happens every night for me except I use something to help me fall asleep like alchohol .If I don't,when I try to sleep I wake up severals times during the night due to sleep paraysis,choking,kicking (I know the last two are symptoms of apnea not N).


I've never considered I could have N before I got my first cataplexy episode.It happened after a stressfull day and the night before it I almost got no sleep.We were travelling by train and the last thing I remember was falling asleep (forgot to say I'm a sleepwalker),then fully conscious my friend started  describing me what I did sleepwalking (almost walked out of a moving train and got arrested because the cops thought I was on drugs) at first I thought he was joking,when I realised he wasn't I felt this terrying fear and something like a rush trough my whole body,after which my legs war sliding through the whole floor and I couldn't even keep my head up and sit up straight,I had no power in my muscles.My friend told me to lie down and sleep (guess he thought I was sleeping) then  I tried to get up and tell him I'm not sleeping,which ofcourse failed and he helped me lie down after which I felt really relaxed and dozzed off.At first I thought this was something normal due to me being tired but now having in mind all of the horrable sleep paralysis episodes and other sleep problems it all makes sense.


As for the eds,currently I'm a student in the university and I'm unemployed,so there's nothing that really could make me feel  tired,if I use something to help me fall asleep,otherwise I'll have really bad sleep and be in zombie mode the next day...


I'm really sorry about my english and grammar 

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 04:42 PM

We understand your English just fine...no apologies needed.

First, you should know that alcohol may put you to sleep but the quality of your sleep will be very bad.

You have a problem my friend and you need to see a Doctor and get a sleep study done to confirm your suspicions.

Take your friend with you to the appointment with the Doctor...your friend is a witness to what you experience. The sleep

study will confirm it and then, hopefully, you can get some medication that may be of help.

Good luck!

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 07:39 PM

Agreed. Go to the doctor, but push for a diagnosis! So often Narcolepsy is looked over because of other problems that it looks like. It sounds like you have a few symptoms of Narcolepsy, but you need to get yourself checked out. Keep a journal of behaviors, sleep times, dreams even and bring it with you to a sleep specialist! 

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