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Willful Hallucinations/pre-Lucid Dream/false Awakening

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Ok, so, I was lying in bed, in that murky half dreaming/half awake stage when I was hit with what felt like a completely real and tangible hallucination.  I knew it was a hallucination, and could control what was happening.  I won't get into the details, it's not polite to kiss and tell, but I kept thinking about how I should come here and talk about the experience.  So I got up and took a shower.  Apparently I had just moved houses, because there were boxes everywhere, and then it hit me.


I had a false awakening, and HH event while dreaming.


I'm still all limp from waking up, though it's been about half an hour.  slept 10 hours, with bathroom break around 4 and a skype message at 8.  Never had an experience like that, though I have had pre-lucid and false awakenings before (mostly on paxil), I've certainly never dreamed symptoms of N.


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