Dreams Making Things Worse?

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I don't know how helpful supressing your dreams will be. Just letting them run their course and taking them as they has been helpful for me.


And knowing that you will never be able to get into a relationship again does not make sense to me. It sounds like a self fulfilling prophesy. It may be a self defeating way to protect yourself from emotional pain. I have been married for fifteen years and have three children- my N was only diagnosed last year. If you are having concerns about a relationship, I do not think it is a direct result of N. Many people with N are in relationships.


Personal counselling may help you sort some of that out. N certainly impacts our lives and relationships- many other things impact them as well.


The more comfortable and accepting we are of ourselves, the more we offer to a relationship.

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When you are at peace with yourself, your concerns and stresses are less likely to intrude into your dreams. You may be unable to affect change in your dreams, but you can affect change in your emotions.


We can get caught in a cycle (personal experience) when we start to freak ourselves out. As PWN, we have these extra snags to deal with caused by our symptoms.


For example, I lived with Cataplexy for years without knowing what it was. I started to become emotionally restricted in a few ways because certain emotions affected me physically. I protected myself from being startled by being hypervigilant about my environment- if I know what is coming, it cannot startle me. That also made it hard to relax and I appeared uptight.


Being at peace with myself (ongoing process) helps to reduce my general stress level, improves my sleep and makes me an easier person to be around. There is no downside to it.


If you have decided that counselling won't help, I hope you find something that does.


Living with this illness is not easy. The best athletes have the best coaches- so why not Narcoleptics or IHs. Anything that helps me improve my quality of life is what I will do.

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