Big Week: Cataplexy That Lands Me In Er And No Rem On Mslt, What Now?

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Squirrel! So glad that you've got your problem sorted out. I sincerely hope that you are on your way to a better life.


I need a smiley inserted here that's slapping my forehead and saying "Duh!" at the same time. I never thought to

ask about meds that you had stopped before the onset of your symptoms. I shoulda known better :(.


If you could let us know what those meds were, it would be helpful to other readers to be aware of the consequences.  

Rebound cataplexy is nasty and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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Hi guys!

  It's okay.... its crazy how it all panned out. Just a series of pieces that didn't fit together but I KNEW something was wrong.

My first Dr, the one who did the Psg dismissed me based on my results. he actually said the same thing about the first episode- that it couldn't have been cataplexy without an actual trigger.

 I struggled with that for weeks (the no trigger thing) So did my family. They pushed depression and "all in my head". Saw another neuro, sais it was "pseudo seizures". I knew better... these few weeks were such a low point for me, my body telling me something but what? I would collapse all the time, for no reason. Walking into a room, brushing my teeth, getting the mail. It was awful. I had to keep looking for answers.

I went to my regular dr, had an episode in his office (he went white as a ghost, never seen anything like that!) and he recommended this particular sleep dr in the area.

I went to him and and showed him some videos of my episodes and he diagnosed me on the spot.


I was originally on Adderall and wellbutrin and now am on Zoloft, Adderall (as needed) and Xyrem. It's a work in progress but at least the episodes have slowed down.


 I have been sleepy for years and years but the leg weakness and twitches started about march of last year. I never figured out why even after EMG, MRI, EEG, etc. as it turns out around that time I caught "fifth disease" from my son. Its a simple kids virus but can be tough on adults. My dr says that is what triggered an immune response in me and unlocked the narcolepsy.


 So today I am doing Ok... family still questions diagnosis and that weighs on me. But I am proud of myself that I stuck to it when I knew something was wrong.


Thanks for all your support guys, it was so helpful to come here when I was so lost.

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I am still curious about the "rebound" part. Did you have to discontinue Zoloft for the sleep study and that was the cause?

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Thanks for posting the info Squirrel. Dangerous stuff those "antidepressants"...sent me searching for more info.

I came across this link...


The actual site is...


The category "Tapering" has detail on just about every antidepressant known.

Please, if anyone is taking any of these medications, read carefully what you have to do to IF you have to get off them.

These drugs can hide symptoms like cataplexy. Since many Narcoleptics are misdiagnosed for years, they are often on these various antidepressants. Be aware, be wary and be safe...and never do Cold Turkey for any medication.

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