Skateboarding With Cataplexy

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Made a video, 2 versions, one with text on screen descriptions and another with voice over...

The voice-over with 'closed captions' (a shorter) version:

And, the text on screen descriptions (a longer) version:

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Outstanding- this is really valuable.

If I had seen this video when I was trying to identify my Cataplexy, I would have known much sooner.

Because most of my "falls" were slow motion and during sports (like skiing, running, climbing) I thought they were head rushes or just being winded.

The text books describe Cataplexy as "sudden paralysis" but it still feels like I am just sitting down, but then I cannot move full strength until it passes. It is just slow enough to confuse what is occurring.

A picture is worth a thousand words- thanks for the picture and the words.

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