The Word Cataplexy?

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Am sort of curious, for I don't know what reason, as to when the word 'Cataplexy' was defined?

The history of the word?

And/or perhaps more so, as to when around it became relevant to Narcolepsy, unique/rare, and considered one of the 4 tetrad symptoms of Narcolepsy?


No idea how to investigate such...


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there are many words that begin with 'cata'...

I do wish there was a more thorough, or broad, terminology; especially in relation to Cataplexy.  Narcolepsy as well.

Many people seem to confuse so much related to both of the words. 

Using 'severe' along with ... helps, but still leaves a lot out there to be entirely, or completely, misinterpretted and/or/also misunderstood...


I do hope such a day comes around that the terminology is updated, upgraded, re-defined and/or simply broadened.

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