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Hmm, Could This All Relate?

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Just thoughts out loud here. 

I really have absolutely no idea.

However, simply put.

Generally things seem to be awfully connected and/or related though.  That is to say, connected and/or related more often, than not.  ?! 


An article:

Talks about food allergies and certain immune cells, responding in an inflammation within the throat / esophagus; specifically "Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)".

It mentions 'difficulty swallowing, esophageal fibrosis, food impaction'... 

Thus, in my mind, being also asthma like and/or difficulty breathing symptoms, as well I'm sure, a lot more (left unsaid) too.

"Inflammation in response to such trigger foods as eggs, nuts, milk, wheat, and soy."


If such is occurring in the throat couldn't, and/or wouldn't more likely than not, the same sort of effect be happening down the line/chain?  And/or especially, perhaps in specific circumstances/persons; and/or perhaps just inflaming within, or at, different spots/points down the line/chain? 

(obviously, thus being why there are different names/words for different diagnosis/labels...)

From esophagus to/through the intestines, and also through/to the brain; resulting in many other effects, perhaps like the destruction of hypocretin and whatever else occurring in the 'so-called' Narcolepsy w/ or w/out Cataplexy...


p.s. - I don't really think I'm saying much of anything at all, besides I'm fascinated by how food is powerful stuff -at least, remember that, 'we are what we eat'-!

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Good link!...and the above leads to some more interesting links.

Everybody's unique in their responses to stimuli depending on their genetic makeup.

1) suffered for three years with a chronically inflamed appendix until it was removed.

2) in the lab, I pipetted (by mouth) such chemicals as concentrated HCL, Sulphuric Acid and Mercuric Chloride

3) react to many chemicals in food...dyes, MSG, nitrates,nitrites, sulphites etc.

Which came first? Damned if I know...but I think the combo may have induced

An inappropriate immune response in MY body.

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That website is always popping interesting articles, a lot of it is sometimes not so great, but there can be some very interesting stuff regardless.


All I can say for sure, is that since I've stopped consuming:

->many sources of sugar (although, I do continue to consume raw honey, raw syrup, dark chocolate [85%+ /organic only] and raw fruits)

->eliminating many flours (that is the 'gluten -"a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species" [wikipedia]- free' element, not a specific allergy necessarily as I am allergic to wheat, but definitely a sensitivity and boy did eliminating the glutens sure finally help with a bit of weight loss)

->along with having gone dairy free (I do eats eggs once or twice a week, in some form).

Such has made a bigger impact than any other possible thing I've tried as well as, and/or, done for all of my health conditions, including especially the Cataplexy.

There's always sorts of trade-offs, give and/or take, but paying attention and giving things time, as well as devotion; fine tuning, narrowing in, is possible.


In my mind I used to think, well as long as I get exercise and keep myself moving, I can't be harmed; even though the entire time I was suffering and not, so, well whatsoever.


Allergies run deep in one side of my family, it took me a long time to realize they were causing me a lot of havoc; taking measures on the allergy end, helped a lot as well, yet in different ways and mainly with headaches, in a part.  Such has involved:

->juggling what I eat (durka durka)

->keeping windows shut

->not hanging clothes to dry outside

->keeping the cats out of my room

->using on an occasion, after being very exposed outside or whatever to elements I'm allergic to (pollens, grasses, dust/s, etc..) a netipot (and never do I use it a lot, more in summer but no more than a couple times a month perhaps)

->washing my hair / showering and changing clothes, as well, after being very exposed (again, hiking or whatever activity within/around the elements).


Since my parents recall that I'd sort of daze/stare off and stop reacting to being, while, tickled as an infant, along with the fact that I can very specifically remember as a child, that when tickled in my belly, my arms would go entirely limp and I could not react to stop the tickling; such is to say, I'm 98% sure that I've had the N w/ C since basically birth or perhaps since the entire ordeal with my Pancreas (Severe Hyperinsulinemia Hypoglycemia which caused severe seizures) that I went through around 2 to 4 months old, which also involved 5 years of aftermath/medications and such.   Not to mention (which I know you Ferret are one to hear) the amount of antibiotics fed to me over so many ear infections, dental matters and whatever other so-called prevention-al measures; for years now I've avoided such, yet there are occasions still of course.  It's hard, quite impossible, for me to point in any single direction; yet the foods definitely play into 'broad things'...


Ferret, I hear ya and am with ya. 

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The above link is a study of vaginal birth versus caesarean birth and the impact on the immune capabilities of the child.

Thought provoking to be sure. I can't blame my mum 'cuz I came down the chute.

I think I'm getting the hang of this iPad although it's still painfully slow to type on it. The good news is that my new laptop has arrived in Portland, Oregon and will be brought down to me (close to Guadalajara) on August 15th. Fortunately, I had all my files backed up but, at the moment, I sure do miss my bookmarks...I had to go googling for that link I just provided... :)

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I've been reading a couple of the different threads on Narcolepsy and histamines - shortly after getting my diagnosis in October I got really sick (bronchitis, ear infections, bad URI) and the doctor said he thought I had asthma... so I went to an asthma/allergy doctor. They tested me for everything and said the allergy was to dust / dust mites (in my mind I was thinking 'damn, my inability to clean because of N resulted in this allergy') and is causing a bad asthma flare-up. Now I'm wondering... is it the Nuvigil / increased histamines from the N that aggravated this asthma/allergy condition? Earlier this summer I got treated for a similar bout of URI / ear infections and that doctor also said she thought I had allergies although I never really had them before. That was around the time I noticed I was sleeping a lot (ok, almost all day) on the weekends...


I just feel like I went from being bad at taking anything, even vitamins, to taking many different medications and trying to figure out how related all of these issues are. I'm afraid if another doctor tells me there's something else wrong with me I'm going to flip. 


I had looked at the co-morbidities poll... do a lot of PWN have allergies / asthma and how does the histamine stimulation from medication to help us stay awake conflict with the treatment for allergies?

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Interesting topic as I did not have allergies as a child but now do. Also got pneumonia last year and bronchitis this year and when it happens I'm told I have COPD....but I still struggle with that diagnosis cuz I only exhibit the breathing issues when I have the pneumonia/bronchitis.


Hate to say this but I'm just too darn tired to eat so healthy. I know it doesn't help to eat poorly and I do try to make "better" choices, though not always successful, but goodness it's just too overhwelming and exhausting to me to micro manager my food.

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