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Dr. Mignot Sure Is Hard To Talk To. Silence Alone Is Remitted, I'm Sound Minded/courteous

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my wife and I will never find what happened at Stanford sleep acceptable. period. we will expect dr mignot's departure from replying to our queries w/ only silence.

snail mail w/self addressed stamped envelopes was sent to dr. mignot at 3 addresses we found online for him.

this dr. mignot is most consistent.

he would leap to rationalizing that my activity in contacting him = drug seeking.

look at my wife in the wall pic. look in her eyes, what would you do?

nothing makes her sad/suicidal like me w/untreated eds.

dr mignot's office specifically told us my treatment ought never to have been begun.

some say staff alone may be responsible. B.S. the man is responsible, staff should not be so poorly trained.

so next perhaps a biplane circling Stanford sleep in redwood city towing my inquiry. it'll cost plenty.

we are prepared to go forward w/this and anything legal we can think of.

we are owed an explanation. we will pursue.

I apologize if my post has negative implications. customers demanding propriety are the backbone of America, and any other free country.

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