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Narcolepsy And Pregnancy

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I am just curious and want to know what other women did when they decided to become pregnant as people with narcolepsy. I am on adderall so I'll have to go off of it whenever I decide to become pregnant. I can't be on provigil for now because I have endometriosis and take birth control for that and provigil interferes with that. I'm currently in nursing school and I am doing so much better after being diagnosed my senior year of high school. I am wondering though, if I decide to become pregnant, I can't be on meds and I can't practice as a nurse, but will that count as disability/maternity leave even though it will be for 9/10 months? Also, if that doesn't count as disability, and I can't keep my benefits and such during that time, I was thinking about surrogacy. It makes sense to me I think because I would put my earnings for that year towards a surrogate mother and keep working during that time and keep my benefits instead of going off my meds and stopping working. Has anyone with narcolepsy personally tried surrogacy as an option if they couldn't become pregnant? These are just random questions that I think about sometimes and don't know who to ask, so I figured I'd see if anyone here can answer them. Thanks :)

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