Being Able To Tell If Your Dreams Are Nrem Or Rem?

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This is the 1st time I've heard of this. A doc said there were distinct differences in content of nREM dreams & REM dreams. There are dreams features that appear almost exclusively in one or other type of dream state. The most distinctive telltale features being- 


REM dreams:

-dreaming about people, places you know really well

-dreams that feel like a movie, i.e. there is a "story line" 


nREM dreams:

-have no familar people or "characters" that you know well

-are chaotic


What do you think? Is this inline with what you know or experience? Can you know whether you've likely been mostly REMming or nREMming your hours away by recalling if you've dreamed about someone you know?  I'm looking online for the research to back up this idea. I guess I believed it was only higher or lower dream recall that could be positively correlated to REM or nREM. Since I spend so many hours struggling btwn sleep/dreaming/waking up in the mornings, I've been tossing this idea in my head around alone &  I'm curious to hear what anyone else has to say 'bout it!

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This is fascinating to me.

- when I nap, I do not believe I slept

- I try to keep my mind from "wandering" when I nap and tell myself to stop. I now know this "wandering" is REM and I keep waking myself up.

- That time in the morning (especially Saturdays), when I wake up without an alarm and before I get up, was always a very productive time for "thinking". Now it know it is REM. My mind was/is so creative- I solved so many problems, planned so many projects and came up with some great solutions- all in my dreams.

- My dreams are deceptive. I will dream that I am awake. I will dream that I am asleep and need to wake up. I will dream that I am late and then wake up 2 min before the alarm. I will dream that I have plenty of time, when I am actually late. I will dream that I cannot fall asleep and have been awake for hours.

- I am training myself to not believe a word I say when my eyes are closed. REM is a total liar.

- I have always considered my dreams to be very pragmatic. They are not the kind of dreams like "and then I flapped my arms and flew away with a unicorm". They are more like interactive movies of memories. I can rewind, play back, insert different endings and change the dialogue.

This makes complete sense to me. I appreciate you posting it.

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I have both types of dreams nonsense dreams and one just like you Hank. I dream about being late about waking myself up. I have had scary nonsense dreams then I recall talking myself awake, literally by telling myself to wake up.

Naps are the worse I lay there what seems forever before I go to sleep and like you Hank my mind is all over the place and I usually only sleep like 10mins or so and I never remember dreaming. During my MLST I went into REM 4/5 naps so I know it happens.

Some of my dreams seem so real that I have had to stop my self from saying things that never happened. One time I started to call a friend say something to her when something stopped me and I just stood there thinking wait I think that was a dream.

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laughing with you, TiredAgain.


have that feeling on almost daily basis. when I was brushing my hair today, I suddenly realized- seriously, I fully believed this for the sec while I was totally awash in a sudden dream recall moment- that my comb was very magical and it could grant wishes and there were sneaky evil elephants who want to try to steal my comb and i must protect the comb.That quickly gave way to me bursting out laughing when I realized it was just my dream coming back to me. My boyfriend gave me that half-amused, half-very worried look when I told him. But it reminded to be grateful I mainly have such silly dreams and only occasionally have dreams that can get confused with reality (last month I woke up started to run out of the house bc my dog got hit by a car, I was just abt to start crying when I realized- I don't have a dog!) or nightmares w/ SP some PWN have,

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