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No More Cataplexy!!!!

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To make things short I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed with Narc just short of 2yrs ago after my stepson was who is 10 was diagnosed with it. I kept telling my wife he is spitting image of me at that age I am 42 now. He has Cataplexy and I've had it my whole life thinking I had short circuit in my brain. I've never fallin down but I do loose muscle control when I play a prank or I set a hook on a fish while fishing bass tournaments. I stumbled on this about 10yrs ago while I was taking pain relievers for my back and knees after taking this I have no Cataplexy what so ever for 5 to 6 hours and I am wide awake think clearer than I ever have before. I feel like somebody turned a light switch on my brain. I sleep better 6 hours sleep is all I need and I'm ready to rock when I wake up. I don't take it all the time cause I don't want my system to get amine to it. TRAMADOL generic for Ultram it's a anti-depressent non narcotic pain reliever that mimics morphine to the nerv endings. I take a 20mg couple times a day when needed. It take 100mg Provigil in the morning not really feeling anything from that. I forgot to mention the Tram will make you talk alot but it don't effect your heart rate any. I hope this will help some of you out there with your cataplexy....Ryan

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