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Strange Dreams Thread

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 11:15 PM

I know most of us have some crazy dreams because of N, and I want to hear about your crazy dream themes that re-occur on a regular basis. I think we really have a very intellectually engaging affliction. =) I'll start off and share one I have been having recently.



For the past few weeks I have been having very vivid and visual dreams about math equations. I can't narrow it down to any one equation but I have a definite feeling of working through algebraic equations and drawing conclusions by rearranging variables. It's hard to describe what I see, but basically I get to see the equation floating around, it's usually multi-colored. When I go through the equation I watch the variables move around and change color. Each motion has a little show in the background that feels very quantitative but clearly visual. Again it's hard to explain something that doesn't happen in reality. I usually get these dreams near the end of my nap after school and can usually hold them in a half-awake state once I've been woken by something. 


The reason for these dreams is probably because I often spend math class doing this on paper after the lecture. I don't know when the desire to break down equations/math really manifested itself but I feel a lot more comfortable about each new math topic when I do. Another reason I do this is because we use graphing calculators and I have really taken to programming my calculator. Most of the time we go through a process of solving for each variable but only use 1 equation for the main part. I actually get a kick out of writing my own programs with my own equations so that I can get my calculator to spit out the answer 10x faster than it would take if I had calculated it normally.



Anyway math can be somewhat boring, tell me about your dreams!

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 03:23 AM

Not at all trying to discourage you, but thought I'd let you know there's a whole thread for strange dreams under "That has nothing do with narcolepsy and you know it!" > Dreaming corner > Just Plain Weird. Several of us post our weird dreams there.


Can't say I've ever had dreams about equations ... but then, I hate math. :D