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Still Not Diagnoised

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So I still haven't managed to get my sleep test yet.  I had one years ago but that doesn't count cause I didn't have the longer Narc test the day after.  My doctor gave me Provigil and Nuvigil samples anyway.  I just take them when I know I need to stay awake all day.  Otherwise I just nap.  But I have a new problem.  I have been taking Atleril and Valerian and Gerenic Unisom at night with my Ambien CR.  The problem is, even with all that crap I still don't sleep, at least not for long.  Also no matter when I take them around 9-10pm I have been getting the sweats.  It's a cold sweat, a soaking sweat.  I'm not menopause age and I have no thyroid and the levels on my thyroid meds are fine at last check.  When I do get to sleep at night it's small naps never for a long time.  When I nap during the day, I wake up jittery for a few minutes.  The daytimes naps can last for more then an hour sometime up to two.  I'm not sure on the night but it feels like fifteen minutes at a time.  Anyone have any ides what I can do to help?

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