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Fda To Fund Narcolepsy Research!

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FDA has selected the following diseases to be addressed in FY 2013-2015:

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency;

breast cancer;

chronic Chagas disease;

female sexual dysfunction;


hemophilia A, hemophilia B, von Willebrand disease, and other heritable bleeding disorders;


idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis;

irritable bowel syndrome, gastroparesis, and gastroesophageal reflux disease with persistent regurgitation symptoms on proton-pump inhibitors;

lung cancer;

myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome;


neurological manifestations of inborn errors of metabolism;

Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease;

pulmonary arterial hypertension; and

sickle cell disease.

Read about it here=>!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-0967-0591

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I'm torn between my loathing of the FDA (because of its incompetence and the way it obstructs people from cures) and my joy that N is finally getting some attention.

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traditional stimulants such as apmhetamines are but little understood. unless research is done on these meds and how they might be used successfully with this money it is unlikely ever to be conducted.

this is so as patent rights to amphetamines have expired, so no profit motive.

I think the deadline is in September.

i'd like to pursue the matter but I am clueless as to how.

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This Narcolepy crap suks. I am so damn tired of being tired and doctors making me start at the lowest dose on everything and nothings working. hopefully this study get some damn answers.

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if jesus has a place in your life be sure you ask God for the strength and the patience you are going to need in the months ahead.

you got people here that know your situation. you have a support system. I have an old medical paper your situation inspired me to put the article as a post.

I was intending on doing this for a long time but I got lots of other s. going on so I put it off.

they(people that run this website) took it away because its copyrighted. I didn't think about that.

I hope you got to a printer while it was here. there is no way to get that article online I know about. it is too old-from 1968. 'ON THE TREATMENT OF NARCOLEPSY' by dr Robert Yoss.

the article is important because I covers basic, common sense things like how big you are and how physically hard the work you do is for a doctor to consider when deciding how much medicine to begin your rx w/. most of the doctors today do not remember these things.

dr yoss was a pioneer for narcolepsy. they do remember this much. bring the paper to your dr.

old articles are still relevant to doctors treating narcolepsy, because so much is unknown about it compared to many other things.

bring it to your dr. I got banned (new username. see the 'i' instead of the 'a' ?) for spending 7 hours putting the article here for all to have access to. I think they could let a 7th grade dropout off with a warning, I meant well didn't know s. about copyright b s.

evidently we are like the 3rd grade kids to some of the people in charge of this website, when it comes to the rules of the lawyers. like it's more important than our wellness in the real world.

I hope your doctor deals with you like you are a grown man. if so, things will work out in time. it does take time though.

I will never abandon pwn like me, and I am here to bring the truth I know from my own experience about the treatment of our symptoms

if you didn't print it off check your email. I know how it is, you don't owe me s. for me helping out.

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