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Food Matter's Recipe Book

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Well I have found that two factors have a strong effect on my sleep episodes. 1) I have more sleep episodes if I suffer from anxiety when life is stressing me out. 2) And of course I suffer depending on what I eat. 


A few thoughts come to mind. I know I get stressed from my consistent lack of energy and the depressing feelings this brings. This in turn makes me more sleepy. I don't feel like exercising, Preparing healthy food can be a hassle. This makes it hard to keep the weight off, which gives me a lower sense of self and in turn makes me more tired. 


Part of this stems from the fact that I am a man of reason and logic. We are biological creatures that have bodies that tend to keep a state of balance. I can go into many scientific points on this. Concepts of physics, biology, and chemistry all support aspects of homeostasis in living things. Its all cause and effect.


Much of the medical research for narcolepsy seems to go toward chemical imbalance of a specific kind and mainly seems to suggest a genetic disposition. This may very well be true but there are so many variables involved that I find it hard to believe all Narcolepsy stems from the same specific condition. For instance I slept heavy for many years. It started as a teen and it went on through college. But once I got past the morning slump I was fine. Would we call this Narcolepsy? Would we call it dormant Narcolepsy? I did have a few mild narcolepsy like episodes in college due to abnormal sleeping habits but so did other people who don't suffer from Narcolepsy now. What triggered my Narcolepsy seemed to be a number of things. A terrible flu, along with my rigorous exercise routine I had been undertaking, a very stressful job and relationship. I was feeling like I was rising to the peak physical health of my life and I was proud. Then I got the H1N1 flu and suddenly say hello to sleep paralysis, night hallucinations and sleeping spells along with never feeling rested after sleeping during the night. I used to not be a morning person and now I curse the heavens for mornings. 


So I was watching two films that talk about the food we eat and corporate america being controlled by food and drug companies and endangering our health. I knew that some of what we eat is bad but I really had no idea. 


For those of you who are interested the two films I was referring to are Food Matters and Hungry for Change. The recipe book "Food Matters" offer's many healthy alternatives that can help your body find its balance.


I have gone through phases in my life where I started eating healthy and I began feeling better in many different parts of my life. But it was so difficult to keep up with and now with the N I find it even more difficult and foods I used to trust now make me groggy. 


But much of what they say sounds true and I intend to try this new way of eating. I believe it will make me feel better and at the very least I am fairly certain that it couldn't be any worse then how I am now.


Supposedly with the proper resources the human body can heal itself from just about anything. But even if it can't heal fully it can adapt and certainly do better and grow stronger. It just needs the right fuel and resources. 


Just something to think about. I suggest anyone interested or anyone who finds that what they eat in a given day can make or break them then you should give this way of thinking a try. 

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I will second your post. What you eat won't cure you of Narcolepsy/Cataplexy but it will make you feel better and able to cope better.

I am wondering why this category is in the "That has nothing to do with Narcolepsy and you know it" section.

I DO believe that food additives and dyes affect restful sleep...that most important comodity in which we are lacking.

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