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Found A Great App

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Hello everybody. i was browsing the boards and i saw a feed that i can't find anymore about apps that help. One of the posts mentioned alarm clock extreme. Now for me. Nothing wakes me up. Nothing. That app only helped me for a little while.There is one on google play called i can't wake up. It was a lifesaver! It amplifies the speaker. There are different options for wake up methods. Math, matching, bar code scanner. And what makes it really work for me is the awake test option. After you finish the wakeup method (i use matching) it has An awake test option. A few minutes later you have to touch the screen to prove your awake. If you don't touch it in 30 seconds, the cycle starts all over again. Its a great way to nip automatic behavior in the butt. Hope it helps someone else add much as it helped me. :)

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