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Was This Cataplexy?

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#1 saoirse



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Posted 18 March 2013 - 05:10 PM

I'd just gotten into bed last night and turned off the light. My mind was wandering, and I was trying to think of happy things. So I successfully found a happy memory, and dwelled on it for a moment- and suddenly, all of the strength in my knees went out. If I'd been standing, they would have buckled, I'm sure of it. This lasted for maybe five to ten seconds.


Does that sound like cataplexy? I've never had anything like cataplexy before. :(

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 08:11 PM

It's only something that you can really judge. 


For me Cataplexy doesn't occur while alone, unless of course I'm watching some super funny show or movie, or perhaps my cats are being way too cute.

For me the sensations are anything from a flickering of the muscles (in head down to toes, and/or any part there or between), it can be like a convulsing or spasm sensation, it can be like being frozen or a pause button was hit and my body just won't respond physically, sort of a rag doll like feeling all the way to being quite literally entirely physically paralyzed (just breathing, hearing, seeing [sometimes not entirely clearly due to position or eye/lid spasm] and completely thinking through out the ordeal).

When I was young, when I'd be tickled in my belly intensely, laughing real real hard; my arms would not lift no matter how hard I tried to lift them, but I could remain laughing and forcing my torso from its center to turn and/or roll from side to side, but the arms would just not respond. 


Triggering it in your own mind, seems different, but who really knows?

The best of luck, there are many post within the site regarding this.