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Lasik Or Prk For People With Mypoia And Narcolepsy

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[sorry, I meant 'Myopia' in the title!]


I'm not sure how many other people with narcolepsy have myopia (nearsightedness) or wear glasses/contacts, but I wanted to start a post about Lasik and/or PRK surgery for correcting vision.


I had PRK surgery to correct my vision (my prescription glasses were very, very high so PRK was a better option for me than Lasik) on Tuesday. Nice thing is, through the worst of it, I basically hybernated.


PRK has a longer healing time than Lasik, but my eyes are much better already and are healing up nicely. It's nice to see more than an inch or two in front of my nose!


Has anyone else had corrective surgery for their sight (PRK/Lasik/or another procedure)? Did narcolepsy affect your recovery time or treatment afterward?




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