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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to NN and I'd thought I'd share the way I tell family members and friends about my N.

To the Superheroes of the World,

I am one of you. My powers can only be identified by the trained eye. 

I can tune out of boring conversations without even trying. I carry a notepad as my weapon to recall daily events. I know my abilities in detail and ignore my boundaries. Mwahaha..

It's true, I see a magical world of lights and I hear dogs barking from miles away. I time travel. I can transport any of my thoughts directly to my room! I know you're impressed but it doesn't end there.. 

I see dead people.

I get to spend vivid quality time with people that I have lost from the living. I hear their voices and even feel my fathers hand on my face as I fall asleep. I have even held an audience of extraterrestrials without others even being aware in nearby rooms, as we talked of world peace and the difference in our existence.. How super blessed am I to experience these things! 

I didn't choose my superpower but it would be hard to wish it away.  I learn more every day about controlling it and moulding it to my life. At times I must pull from the world to sleep and restore in paralysis. Just like all the humans, I too need this time to balance myself and not become my power, only for it to be apart of me.

My most natural ability is the one of honest emotion. At times of divine happiness, it floods my body and shows the world the love I have inside my beating heart. It almost pauses time and allows me to take in every sound and touch that others would miss. Humans react with kindness. Strangers become friends and leave me a little more aware of the world around them.

Ah, the beauty in this experience is so blissful. 

I have my own kryptonite to aid my day to day life. It helps me blend and keeps me grounded. The smartest scientists in the world have my back like Robin to Batman.

I live to the fullest in every way and enjoy sharing my adventures into Wonderland. Falling down the rabbit hole is my favourite ride.

I am ready for the next chapter. I am ready for anything.. I am adaptable and brave.

I am Curious Cass and Narcolepsy is my superpower!!!!!

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Thank you both.

It's much easier for them to understand N and other than being tired, I really enjoy all the experiences that come along with it.


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Hello, nicely put!

In my own mind, it's like a frequency or frequencies, sort of thing from person to person.

With certain, few others, there's a sync or similarity in frequency; yet with many, there's a overlapping or interfering sort of effect, to do with frequencies.

Energies, rays, beams, waves, cycles, rhythms, connections, deflections, rejections, conceptions, perceptions, conjections, reflections...!


A couple of articles about sleep, the brain, childhood versus adulthood, the subconscious, learning, knowledge, etc...

Not specific to Narcolepsy.  They seemed interesting though and for some reason thought why not post them here:

Sleep Reinforces Learning: Children’s Brains Transform Subconsciously Learned Material Into Active Knowledge: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130226081155.htm Study finds children better at converting implicit into explicit knowledge after sleep:


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That was so beautefuly done. I was tuched by the part about your dad. I lost mt dad this December. I had a dreem about 2 weeks ago He was there and I told him that I couldent talk to him cuz he was dead. He looked so hert by what I had told him. I think next time I see him I will use some of that power to get a hug. Thank you for showing me the good that can come of this. 

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Thank you for your positive comments. I think the abilities that we have because of N are amazing. This morning I was in Narnia.. Seriously haha. If this is the life I'm destined to lead than I will give it my all.. I am only ever given what I can handle :-) Keep strong sleepy soldiers x

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