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My Pcp is heaven sent. She is the one that suggested that I may have N and set everything up with my neurologist! I have my 1st appt with her since my diagnosis. I still have lots of questions but I don't want to bombard or overwhelm her. My neurologist didn't give me any guidance with my diagnosis and I was honestly so stunned I just said ok. Took my script and went on about my merry way! I have since been on here with you guys! :). And just doing some basic research. So here are some of my basic questions if anyone wants to help me out...

~Tv sounds... Like people talking. Happens very often when I'm going to sleep. It's been happening for years. Is this Auditory hallucination?

~Still having extremely hard time waking up in the mornings. Even after hitting snooze for an hour to hour and a half, I have to drag myself out of bed and even then I will go sit on the couch for several minutes with a blank stare just sitting there.

~I'm still exhausted when I wake up. Even though I feel as though I get good sleep.

~ Too tired for "love" or is it low drive? Or both? It's affecting my relationship. Is there a solution?

~ Can't find words to complete normal sentences. Or have trouble getting sentences from " brain to mouth" sometimes, not all the time. Is this "mental" cataplexy?

Ok let me apologize if anything is too much information but you guys are a life line for me.

Let me also mention that I am on adderall 20mg up to twice a day.

And also let me say that I am not asking for medical advice to take place of medical care, etc. I am simply asking for advice from other PWN so that I might personally know how to talk to and present these issues with my Dr.

Thank you for your time!

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