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I have not been officially diagnosed with narcolepsy.  Since I was a wee bit teen (I am 31 now)  I have struggled with fatigue and sleep issues primarily NES.  When I take the Narcolepsy self quizzes it's pretty darn high.

I have always had depression by my new Psychiatrist recently diagnosed me with ADHD.  I think I am primarily PI. 

Is there anyone else who is diagnosed with both?  Maybe even SCT?



I was diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago.  I don't know my predominant type, but I would venture to say inattentive.  


The doctor who initially suggested I had narcolepsy said that it was possible that I don't have ADHD and that many of my symptoms are related to narcolepsy.  Now since the MSLT, he isn't totally convinced I have narcolepsy.  I still don't know the full results of the MSLT or PSG, but I do know my doctor follows very textbook narcolepsy MSLT results.  


I take Ritalin when I'm at work and school... and it isn't perfect, but life is better with Ritalin for sure.



IDK if I have narcolepsy....All I know is I feel like the fatigue I have has ruined my careers and life.  It's not a normal fatigue.  It's almost like I am missing a vital nutrient if that makes sense... Working my way down the list.


Hopefully more research will prevail new and effective treatments.  There is so much we still don't know especially about the brain!


dasikins & dormir,

I feel like i'm in the same boat w/ you two. I editted your posts to the nubs that really resonated w/ me.


for me, the "is it N?" journey has been:

Teens & early 20's-sleeping thru HS & college but believing that it's depression (but how not to be down when u see life passing u by thru yr half-opened eyes!!).


@ age 26- ID'ing & getting DX'd w/ the ADHD-PI/SCT symptoms 2nd & finding stims help to function, but still not able to find a functional balance.


Finally, during the stim shortage, I had to confront the fact I was unable to stay awake, esp. when driving. My ADHD Psychiatrist let me confirm those experiences are abnormal & disconcerning and suggesting N. Definitely took me a year to even wrap my head around that. N was defined by what Hollywood had shown me. Boy, was I wrong!!


Now 33, despite all my hrs researching N & finding I had 3 of 4 symptoms including mild C, I can't get myself to call the sleep specialist. I'm scared bc the mslt is not fool-proof and I would have a hard time drumming up the strength to get another. But the cost too!! No health insurance! yipes!!!


I really fear I'm losing ground to a fight against being a zombie!


But thank you for your posts, it helps me trust my gut instinct and maybe call the sleep spec/neuro. hopefully we will all find our answers &/or a functional existence!- April

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