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My 9-year-old son has been struggling with many behavioral and psychological things for years and has been really sleepy for a couple of years. I knew nothing about narcolepsy outside of what I learned from My Own Private Idaho so never saw the signs of Narcolepsy in him. I took him to a sleep specialist last week who promptly ordered a blood test and scheduled a PSG and MSLT for this week. The doctor is pretty confident that given given my son's score on the Epworth and the fact that he has hypnogogic hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and cataplexy, that we will find that he has N. 

Many people at his school have been working very hard for years to help him. He is qualified for GT but gets poor grades, has poor study habits, is prone to outbursts and getting overly emotional about every small thing. I told my son's team at school about the preliminary diagnosis. Immediately, his resource teacher wanted to meet with me to know more. I didn't really know anything so I spent hours reading though this forum and through Narcolepsy Network's resources, all of which I printed out to take the meeting. His school wants to help and thanks to Narcolepsy Network and you, the members, I can offer some kind of guidance for how to help. Also, thanks to you, I can begin to support him better at home and I can explain his needs and behaviors to friends and family better. We have a lot to learn still, but I am grateful for all the personal stories, questions, advice, resources and help you have all offered. Thank you. 

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I'm so glad you found us. Good luck to you and your son. He is lucky to have a dedicated mom like you!

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