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[ A short true story - it is within my blah'g as is an image of the black eye -->  ]


It was the night that the Mother of I an I had recieved her new iPhone 4S. The Mother had not used the iPhone assistant named 'Siri' yet.
After some time was spent attempting to figure out how to even reach, or talk to, 'Siri;' it was figured out that holding the button down is how to do it.

So, once 'Siri' ask, how she can help. The question asked by the Mother is "Siri, what is the temperature?"
'Siri' responds with the temperature. Then, the Mother asks, "Siri, what is that temperature in Celcius?"
And then, asks "what is the temperature in Managua, Nicaragua?"
And then again, asks "what is that temperature in Celcius?"

I an I was standing and watching, listening to the questions and thinking; there must be a better, more interesting, question to ask 'Siri.'

So, I an I suggest that she "ask Siri, What is Cataplexy?"
So, the Mother asks "Siri, what is Cataplexy?"
And 'Siri' responds, "Let me see, Hu-Hongs Mongolian Grill, which is located at..."
Immediately, without hardly a muscle flicker (which is usually some sort of brief signal, Cataplexy is occurring), the knees of I an I buckle, giving out.
Awkwardly, I an I collapse, smacking the floor; not exactly face first at all, but landing somewhat side-ways with the face of I an I resting upon the wood floor.
Being that I an I wears glasses, as I an I was without muscle control (literally paralyzed) the position I an I was in, left the edge of the glasses of I an I pressing hard against the wood floor.
This was for a good 10 to 20 seconds that I an I was down, paralyzed.
As I an I regained the muscles of I an I, it was clear that the glasses had bent somewhat and I an I could sense that they'd pressed hard against around the eye of I an I.
After bending the glasses back into a comfortable and proper position, I an I didn't think much of the ordeal; besides for how ridiculous it was, and how obnoxious it is having to live with such condition...

The following morning, I an I went to play some pick-up Ice Hockey; which is thankfully not an often trigger of Cataplexy, which is besides the point of the story.
After playing though, as I an I was returning home; the first question out of the Mother of I an I is, "Where'd you get the black eye, did you know you've got one?"
I an I think for a second and it hits, "damnit Siri..."

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