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Problems With Long Time Job

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I was diagnosed two years ago. I was getting in trouble for sleeping at work but i couldn't figure out why. I had to get documentation to protect my job. A few months ago, i couldn't afford my appointment for my meds (nuvigil) to be refilled. So, not smart on my part, but i went without. I've had quite a few attacks at work that have been seen. One if my coworkers actually took a picture of me on a break napping that went viral. I was reprimanded because us not an acceptable break and next time I'd be fired. The animosity of things coworkers say behind my back is just insane. the last attack was seen by my supervisor, who made me go on an involuntary medical leave because i am a liability. He thought the narcolepsy was a temporary thing when he was informed the last time. I have even been denied a raise because of my sleep attacks. I was told it isn't fair to my coworkers if i can sleep and they can't. :( Now i have my nuvigil back, i got it about 4 days ago. but they want to push me on an fmla. Any advice on how i can convince them to let me back to work? I've been there for seven years and i don't think this is fair. Sorry for the lengthy post.

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