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If Not N Then What Else Could It Be?

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#1 MeanJeanSoSleepy



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Posted 23 January 2013 - 08:33 PM

I should be getting the results of my sleep study within the next couple of days. I have a feeling that because of my anxiety and other environmental factors during my MSLT (loud noises from ambulances and housekeeping, freezing cold room etc), that my sleep study will show nothing. This has me thinking, if my sleep study is normal, then what else could be causing my current problems?


I have SP, very vivid dreams, frequent HH, and excessive excessive EDS that has caused sleep attacks in Restaurants, at my job, at the movie theatre, and in loud bars (just to name a few). I think I may have mild cataplexy as if I get nervous or anxious I am not only very clumsy, but my hands stop working and will give out on me, causing me to drop what is ever in my hand. 


If my sleep study is normal, what else could be causing the above symptoms?


Keep in mind, I have had full bloodwork done which is all normal.




#2 dormir



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Posted 27 January 2013 - 09:18 PM

I was reading the older version of the ICSD and I was combing it for other possibilities with these types of symptoms, but it kept coming back to narcolepsy for me.  



I looked most closely at nightmare disorder, but I don't think that fits my situation and the ICSD's definition of nightmares.  It also didn't say anything about the HH, SP, or cataplexy.  


I looked at delayed sleep phase syndrome, but the fact that the ICSD says that once a patient with this is asleep, their sleep is normal.  This is definitely not me.


I looked at idopathic hypersomnia and I think this fits best out of the lot, but it does not mention anything about the constant, vivid dreaming.  It didn't anything about cataplexy either.  I don't recall HH or SP being mentioned, though I have seen these mentioned with IH before in other places, but the vivid dreaming and constant waking, no.


I took a brief look at chronic idiopathic insomnia because I've had all of the narcolepsy symptoms for as long as I can remember from about the age of 6.  The insomnia that includes frequent waking/difficulty maintaining sleep and EDS/frequent napping during the day as a result of poor sleep.  But, the difficulty maintaining sleep wasn't tied to vivid dreaming.  HH and SP were not mentioned either.



The ICSD recommended doctors screen their patients for medications and sleep hygiene that can affect sleep (especially with all of the insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders), but I've had good sleep hygiene for years because of my quest for good sleep. The medications I use now do not seem to interfere with my sleep, at least in a noticeable way.  So I don't know.   :(