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For at least as long as I can remember having Narcolepsy symptoms I also remember having a massive appetite. My problem is I never seem to get an off signal from my brain in regards to food. I can remember twice in my life where this happened. I was eating a meal and at some point I just lost all interest in eating. I assume this is why normal people stop eating. If I weren't worried about gaining weight, I could just eat and eat and eat. Sometimes even when my stomach is completely stuffed, it's as if my brain is still begging for more food. It's like I'm stuffed but I'm hungry.

The only thing that stops me from eating is if I physically can't fit any more food in my stomach or if I just wilfully stop even if I still want to eat.

It really doesn't matter what the food is. For example I can easily eat a kilo of chicken breast and a kilo of green leafy vegetables for a meal and still be hungry. I try to avoid all calorically dense foods to limit weight gain.

I wonder if other PWN experience this too?

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I've had similar problems for years. Never associated it with the narcolepsy, but then again, I only got diagnosed a month or so ago. Since I started on the medication, though, I find that I don't eat as much. I've been eating maybe half what I was, if that much, and I actually feel full--on the days I take my meds. I used to eat a "big" dinner (a whole porkchop, two veggie-type sides of some sort, bread/rolls), then pack the same amount to take with me to work for my lunch. Now, I eat about half that much, and pack the other half for my lunch, and sometimes I don't even bother eating my lunch at work. I just don't get hungry, so I take it home and eat it for "breakfast," since I don't go to bed for a few hours after I get home. On the weekends, when I don't take my meds, I eat just as much as I used to, and it seems like I never really feel full. Heck, I eat like a hobbit! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack ...

I'm trying to make sure the stuff I eat on the weekends is healthier. Mom cooks dinner for me every night, and she tries to cook healthy foods. I dunno. Maybe when I'm taking the meds, my body is finally managing to get the signals it hasn't been before? I mean, I'm only taking Nuvigil, and I don't remember it having an appetite suppression side-effect. Plus, I take it with my dinner (It has lactose in it, so I have to take a Lactaid pill with it, and if I have to take one for dinner anyway, may as well only take one, right?), so it shouldn't have much effect that quickly.

Then again, Mom says she can see a difference in me before I leave for work every night, and that's about 45 minutes to an hour after taking the meds.

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