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Recently unemployed & losing hope of finding health insurance to help offset the cost of medicine. My doctor & pharmacist both recommend the provincial health insurance provider (Alberta Blue Cross). After signing up for an individual health plan; I realized they only cover up to a few hundred dollars worth of medicine per year - I was covered for only a couple of months before I had maxed out my annual amount.

The basic plan itself costs me around $100 a month plus the additional prescription coverage option works out to be about $160 a month. On top of that I still have to pay 20% of the total prescription cost at the pharmacy + a dispensing fee. What a disappointment.

I am working at temp jobs at the moment while I hunt for new permanent employment so I’m not eligible for any employer benefits. I feel like I’m going around in circles trying to find a company that offers coverage that I can afford - and one that will actually cover my prescriptions without hitting a maximum before the end of the year.

My prescriptions cost just under $500 a month with no insurance, and I just can’t keep up with the bills. I’ve switched to a generic brand of Modafinil, but I also take Dexedrine & Adderol which don’t have generic alternatives (that I’m aware of).

If anyone out there has been in the same boat as me or knows of any good private insurance companies - or any direction to go - please, please pass on your recommendations.

This situation is so overwhelming. I went to the food bank last week so I could buy medicine. I’m really struggling.

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Check the "official" websites for your medications and/or the manufacturers. In a lot of cases, you'll find that they have programs to help people who can't afford the medications. Not all of them do, but some of them.

I did find this on the website for Dexedrine, so maybe this will help:

Q: I can’t afford Dexedrine, is there any type of financial assistance I can get?A: Amedra provides a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for its products that do not have an available generic. Since there are generic equivalents for Dexedrine, it is not covered under the program.

Also found this on wikipedia, while trying to find out who makes Adderall:

Generic formsBoth Adderall IR and Adderall XR are available in generic forms.
Adderall IR is available as a
, while Adderall XR is available as an
Authorized generics are still manufactured by the brand name manufacturer but marketed and sold by a different company. Authorized generics are exactly the same as the brand name product both in active and inactive ingredients. They go through exactly the same brand manufacturing line, but different labels are put on at the end of the manufacturing process. On June 25, 2012
received approval from the
to start manufacturing and distributing generic extended-release formulations of all available strengths.

So, it looks like both Adderall and Dexedrine do have generics available, at least here in the US. Are they not yet available in Canada?

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