Effexor Or Effexor Xr For Cataplexy

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I was diagnosed with n with c in 1999 I was already on effexor for what was thought to be a panic attack......Nope its full blown cataplexy yes I have it extremely bad to the point that not only do I fall at times but I twitch all over sometimes to the point Ive been told it looks like a seizure. It varies and usually I can catch it to avoid the hard fall. But anyway as we all know without insurance the price of effexor is a little pricey so I applied for assistance and they have sent effexor xr to my Dr. I was on it once before and didnt seem to have real good results so I went back to the instant release. I take 75 mg 2 tabs twice a day and it seems to keep my C under control as long as I dont push myself to do certain things like playing volleyball or other activities that require fast reflexes. At the time I tried the xr I was under lots of stress marriage issues job stress ect. I guess I just need to pick the xr up before I run out of instant release and give it another try to see if I have better results since Im not under so much stress. Has anyone else tried changing from one type of effexor to another If so what were your results. Guess Im a little scared to change I really dont like having the full blown C episodes that last forever. Please comment with your experiences. Thanks in advance for your input. Joe

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