Does Xyrem Mess With The Nervous System?

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I've been taking xyrem for about 3-4 months now (2 months nonstop 4.0)

Last night I had a panic attack.. and I never have had that before, it was quite freighting. I was literally thinking of calling 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack. But I have heard about them, and I just say therefor what seemed to be a while. And It eventually went away. Time felt like it slowed down, everything was slow but when i checked the clock and hour flew by. It was a really weird experience. I am wondering if Xyrem helped induce it? Because I know xyrem works with the central nervous system.. (which I hope it isn't bad for long term use of xyrem =/) I do have tons and tons on my mind I'm worrying and thinking about.. But the other question I had is, does Xyrem make you a more nervous person? Because talking to people and especially people I don't know, I sometimes feel my legs wobbling and I'm shivering a little bit too and this in warm weather. ( I'm gonna stop there because im having one now and so annnnoying, freaking out for no reason.... hearts racing again.. you know what i mean right? Do I need to be on some medicine? because I litterally am having a small panic attack now, It gets triggered so easy now. and it feels really really bad. does this happen to anyone else? thinking xyrem is attributing to this. gonna sit down for awhile. thanks for reading

At night, it is sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between a dream and a thought. They seem to blend seemlessly together. With Xyrem in my system, it is even moreso. I make sure I am really relaxed before going to bed. I use a sound machine with white noise, block all light and sound as much as possible. I keep to dog (80lb) off the pillow and at the foot of the bed. Everything to keep my sleep undisturbed. If I wake up, I cannot allow myself to think or it keeps me awake. Being awake on Xyrem is not helpful.

Before you decide it is a panic attack, which would another diagnosis for you, consider controlling your sleep and your thoughts. My Cataplexy is much less than several months ago. As it has been dwindling down, it seemed to change. Could this be the case for you? I have had anxious thoughts or an anxious dream, and I was groggy on Xyrem. Then my thoughts began to snowball and I was still groggy- it sounds similar to what you wrote. Are any of the emotions you are experiencing triggers for Cataplexy, which could account for the wobbling legs and shivvering.

Deep breathing using my nose, so only my diaphragm is rising (not my chest) is helpful. When this happens, if you can calm it, it may reduce quickly. Allowing it to freak you out may just make it increase.

I had a rough time with all of this when I was withdrawing from a "wrong medication", breathing and relaxation helped me a lot. Do you think they would be helpful for you?

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I hear ya man, it's cruel joke that N robs you of the best years of your adult youth. I won't like, I'm pissed too. There's a whole lot of yelling at the sky that happens in my day to day life.

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Intresting! I wish i had a dog! white noise is always good. But I'm talking about like 7oclock at night, feeling good, i mean feeling completely normal. It's just I have a corrective jaw surgery in the future, other appointments and issues, My dads supportive but my mom doesn't care and a heap of other stuff. So i'm talking about all that stuff. When I think about it or type it I feel the addrenline and heart pumping and time slowing down. It's not cataplexy, I don't get much to any cataplexy when I take xyrem. I know how to deal with panic attacks, like lastnight i sat back and thought good thoughts for like 45 mins, but I was freaking out inside my ahead and my body was reacting. But I know how to stop them now. It's simply the fact that I have alot on my chest right now, dealing with narcolepsy, family, soon to be jaw surgery, money, education, income, my future with narcolepsy, the fact that I had to quit volleyball because my athletic ability decreased DRAMATICALLY... from a top player in the state - college bound.. to barely being able to play at a high level again. I feel like I was incredibly gifted and this was apart of my life I had to give up. But I'm totally fine with it because I have tons of hobbies including music. But what I'm saying pretty much is, I know everyone on this forum pretty much is dealing with the same stuff. It's just heard being just 20 years old living like this, when it was just so different 3 years ago.. My dads the only one that understands. Everyone else either thinks its a joke, doesn't understand and won't understand or doesn't know. I'm not about to explain everything to all these people. Because I get around fine, It's just when they wonder why I don't do this and don't do that anymore, it just all frustrating.

Sorry I went off on a huge rant there, I'm just dealing with many different things. And please ignore my english skills, haha. I can type properly, it's just I always have so much to say that I just list it quickly. Thanks again for your comments. Please ignore the ranting.

But all in all, I believe that It's just to much stress and trying to comprehend all of it. There are alot of obstacles a head of me. I think it was a panic attack. I normally can handle everything no matter how stressful well. It's a combination of a massive amount of obstacles and xyrem's small side effects with the nervous system, making me a little more nervous of a person. Thats my theory. It's talking on here, so thanks again everyone

I think we all can relate to how you feel, I am sorry that your life has been a roller coaster... but it seems like you still have a lot going for you! I have had pretty bad anxiety/depression most of my "adult/teenage" life. The xyrem helped my depression pretty much melt away... I can't claim I am happy go lucky or anything of the sort, but I have a better understanding of my life and everything that has transpired because of the N (not because of something I did). I had been very shaky and terrible anxious when I was tirating, and even when I was on a steady 4.5x2... What helped me is really simple, Magnesium and Calcium supplement it also includes zinc. If I skip a day it all comes back... this is how I know exactly what is helping I take one pill in the am and then another one 2 hours before bed. I still get small waves of anxiety (Ive got a lot going on in my life right now) but, I am so used to it... I take a deep breath and close my eyes (normally go into the bathroom at work... sit in a stall and just calm myself).

The anxiety that I am having trouble with is after my first dose. Being awake on Xyrem my mind just cant stop racing I cant keep my thoughts from going 120 MPH, I am working on some different techniques but haven't really found one that works every night :(

It sounds like even if you were not on Xyrem you would be having this anxiety with everything that is going on in your life... it must be hard! Jaw surgery is pretty scary as well... I need it but cant go through with it... Another thought... your brain needs time to get used to the SWS that Xyrem produces its hard going from super sleep deprived to getting real sleep. Let your body adjust, be kind to yourself! Don't let others get you down, Ive told only a few people Id say 3 people truly understand and are so compassionate, 4 people dont understand but listen and dont make stupid comments, and the other 1 (this person surprised me the most) Had no f-ing clue, didnt listen, didnt care to learn, and made a stupid comment. Its hard when you cant open up to people and tell them why you can no longer stay out and play. I went from partying all the time, bar hoping, hanging out... to going straight home every night... I feel like soon I will be ready to join the world again, but not the way I was in my early 20s. I am looking forward to moving and living closer to my friends. Its just taken some time to adjust to this new me I guess...?

Sorry to be so scattered, a little too sleepy today!

BTW the English is better then mine, I to tend to think faster then I type and/or I type really fast!

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