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Giving A Speech At My Old School

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I am a hypnotherapist and I have the opportunity to give a presentation at the school I graduated from. I am really excited to have the forum to discuss narcolepsy with an audience that is fairly unfamiliar. It will be recorded and put in the school's video archives where students will be able to watch it in the future. They actually have a video on narcolepsy in the archives now and I watched it while I was there. Of course it showed the extremes. I had a moment after watching it where I said "maybe that's what is wrong with me" followed closely by "well I am not THAT bad." Sigh.

I want to ask for input about what everyone here thinks is important to include (I have my own list too). I will be sharing my own experience and would love to share others' experiences. I would keep it anonymous. Please let me know what you feel is critical to include and also if there is something you want shared. I WILL NOT be sharing anything without your permission.

Thank you,


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