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I'm waiting for my sleep study. I've seen a neurologist (who was not specialized in N), my family doctor and a physiatrist. All three agree my diagnosis is N but want the sleep study for conformation. How we got to this diagnosis was debilitating migraines that lasted 3-4 months at at time with maybe 1-2 days with out. I changed my diet, ruled out everything and was left with sleep symptoms of N and mild C that I had had since I was a child (you name it, I've fallen asleep.) I've found it so hard to explain to my family because they just think a nap fixes it or I'm in pain or I need a new mattress etc.... (How do you begin explain that it took your friend getting a concussion on holidays in Mexico to bring her down to your speed to make it a great holiday because you could nap together?)

For the time being, the Dr's seem reluctant to treat the EDS. How do you explain to them what EDS feels like?? I've given them the Epworth Sleep Scale. It just seems like unless you have it you don't get it....

I'm on Topamax (for the migraines) Ambien and Lyrica. The migraines went away as soon as I started on the Ambien or as soon as i got a couple nights of almost real sleep. Has anyone else had migraines related to sleep/not sleeping? If I don't get somewhat of a night's sleep I the migraines come back, naps help. I have no hangovers or groggyness from anything that I take. I seem to process medications faster than most people, dental sedation wears off in half time (and I remember most of what goes on during, dentist says I'm not supposed to remember anything)

We got to this combination through trial and error and so far I wake up feeling like I've slept but the EDS doesn't go away and I know I don't need to explain to you how that feels.

Does anyone else have a paradoxical reaction to medications? Is this part of N?

Thank you for listening, reading your threads has made me feel incredibly supported. During a time when it feels like no one else out there gets it, I'm thankful to know there are people that do.

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