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I've been so torn over whether or not to write this that I haven't slept all night. It's always hard to decide if it's best to interfere with someone else's life path by warning them of possible danger, or to just leave it be. But, I've decided to just drop this post and let it fall where it may and hopefully it will help someone.

I've learned in the past by looking at other chronic illness related forums, that there are those that peruse these forums looking for desperate people that they can exploit because of their hardships. I didn't really realize how big of a problem it was until I was recently contacted by one of these people. Apparantly this individual had spent a great deal of time reading several of my older posts here on NN and decided that I was desperate fruit, hanging low and ripe for the picking. If they had read ALL of my posts they would know that my illness is now diagnosed as Narc w/ Cat and they would surely have realized that I've been around this block more than once and that when challenged I can be a force to be reckoned with.

It was obvious to me that this person was trying to market some sort of alternative medicine even though this was supposed to be an email from a concerned friend. I'm not a person who thinks that there is no validity to holistics. I believe that diet modifications and exercise can be very beneficial. I've studied many different holistic therapies and even tried a few and I'm pleased to say that I've had a lot of success with some of them especially in the area of emotional healing. I've also had experience with some alternatives that were touted as cure-alls but where nothing more than snake oil marketed by very clever salesfolk. So, I am fortunate enough to be able to spot the common catch phrases and tricks but I realize that many here have not had the experiences that I have had and that is why I decided to say something about it.

If you recieve an email from a person that tries to earn your trust by giving you a shoulder to cry on... but then turns around and says that your lifestyle choices are to blame for your illness...but then tells you they have all the answers and can help you get well....and then says "but only if you listen to me and do what I tell you to do"...but will not tell you in the email what this condition is or what the miracle treatment is and asks you to contact them...please do yourself a favor and WALK AWAY! If you aren't sure, view several of their forum posts and look for inconsistencies. Fortunately for me I saw right through the attempts to make me doubt and blame myself and the manipulative feel good talk that was meant to lure me in. Hope sells and these people know it. This person underestimated me by assuming that I was hopeless but, all grouchiness and dry humor aside, they would be hard pressed to find many people who have as much hope and confidence in myself as I do.

Like I said before, I have no problem with many holistic treatments and have used them myself but if you are approached by someone offering their services or are interested in looking into an alternative treatment, please research it all you can before making a decision to try it. You will surely find conflicting opinions and you will have to use your own discernment to help you determine if something is right for you or not. It has been my experience that anything that was advertised as being a cure-all seemed to be set up for my failure to keep me coming back, wondering what I'd done wrong, and paying more.

So, I hope that was helpful to at least one person. This will be may last post here on NN, not because of this incident but because I feel that it's time to move on to the opportunities in my life that have nothing to do with Narcolepsy or any other illness. Thank you so much to all of you that have listened to me and answered my questions. Knowing that I was not alone has really helped me these last 4 months and I am so thankful for this experience.

Best of luck to everyone!

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The most important thing I can say to follow that up is; be careful with any medication, remedy, activity, interaction, environment, food/water, etc... and 'Pay Attention'...

It is all that one can do, focus; no other, one, can begin to gauge and too often interest/s, all around, are conflicted.

As difficult as it can be to live with diseases and/or whatever difficulties; finding understanding as well as actual relief are two entirely different pieces which again require both attentiveness along with focus.

Understanding requires contemplation, it is not easy to grasp and is not simply said, ever.

I've found 'blood letting cupping' to be quite helpful, although that is not in direct relation specifically to N w/ C but more so my chronic neck/migraine/headache matter/s.

I've also found minimal moderate meat consumption with gluten-free (inflammatory food not to mention allergy/s) and occasional spurts of dairy-free (as a cleansing gift to my belly), prepping everything that I eat myself, organic and natural is clearly important today; we are what we eat.

In my mind it all may and obviously does relate; more than it all may not relate (symptoms/matters)...

I'm out, too.

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I have found addrenal gland suppliemts to be really helpful. Also accupuncture helped me a lot. Vitamin D and B complex also help me in general. My advice...find a good licesed naturopath in your area and consult with them :) also you could try dream interpretation. Its free and fun :)

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