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First Sleep Paralysis

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 04:38 PM

I get SP often. It used to be really scary but not anymore. I guess I am used to it now. My eyes are never open but at the time I think they are because I think I am seeing everything in the room. When I notice something different, I realize I am in SP. In these hallucinations, i might see or hear my kids next to my bed, i might get out of bed to find friends, or relatives or neighbors in the house. but something is not quite right and i am usually stressed, panicky or fearful. sometimes though, my hallucinations are just audible. People talking, crickets getting louder and louder, music getting louder, fire crackling, someone pounding on the door, footsteps.... Always getting louder and louder the more I dwell on it and fear it. If I relax and stop fearing it, it seems less scary and stops getting louder. The only way I have been able to get out of it is to jerk my head to the side as fast as I can and then I have to sit up or get out of bed before I fall back into it. But the urge is so strong to go back in. Almost irrisisable. When I have explained this to family and friends they are a little bit freaked out or they don't understand at all. "Weren't you just dreaming?" they ask. I try to explain how different it is. This is the first time I can talk about my experiences to people who actually understand what it's like.