Narcolepsy And Alcoholism

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Hi..my name is Paul and I've recently come across this site and reading all I can.

Here's a question I've been wanting to find opinions on and any information so I'll try to make this quick and easy...

I thought I read but may have dreamed this up, that there maybe a link between alcoholism enhancing N in the genes? ie. if a parent; more often the father, is an alcoholic and has the narcolepsy gene and is passed on to a child, the chances are higher that the N gene will be more enhanced and N be more apparent.

Again, nothing to back this up but told my neurologist about this and he's never heard of this theory...but again, maybe I dreamed it. ;)

Here's my family situation.

I was diagnosed with N when I was around 12...so around 1982-83 after the typical symptoms that we've all had.

My father is an alcoholic; sober 35+ years however and was diagnosed with N many, many years later but a very "light" version; that is if there is one so no meds or anything needed.

My cousin on my Mothers side was diagnosed with N about 6 years after me.

Her Dad was an alcoholic...sober now too but no known N in his family.

We've suspected that my nephew (sisters son) has N but has never been tested.

His Dad was also an alcoholic...sober now for 20+ years.

So other than my family having obvious alcohol issues ;) ... anyone else have similar familiarities within their families or heard of such a relation?



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Narcolepsy and Alcoholism are both glucose metabolism disorders.

And alcohol metabolism is highly dependent on orexin.

Annotated research here: http://www.zombieinstitute.net/Metabolic.htm

and this might sound familiar: http://www.zombieinstitute.net/Serenity.htm

Keep up the good fight.


ps. was that a sleep specialist who told you that?

Xyrem is the drug they use for advanced alcoholics with insomnia.

And orexin drugs are being tested on alcoholics.

He should know that.

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It wasn't a sleep specialist that told me this...as mentioned, I have nothing to back it up and can't for the life of me remember or recall where / when / how I heard this.



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