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Employment Discrimination, Education Debt

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Posted 11 August 2012 - 10:53 AM

Hi guys:

I need help since the symptoms got too severe to ignore I've had problems in all levels of my life. My employer is reducing my payroll since 6 months ago, though I return to work after diagnosed in December 2010 and requested a work schedule change in March 2011. After evaluating my case on September 2011, all options given were temporary even when they know the condition is permanent. Last month my payroll was about $380 total. With medical expenses you can imagine how much was left for water, electricity the only phone I have for emergencies and things like that. I'm about to file for bankruptcy to avoid loosing my home and business, and my education loans have already been passed to the Department of Education, including those that I cosigned to a 30 year-old friend that turned out not to be such a good friend after all.

Right now its been two months that I live of loaned money from my friends, some of them even donated it. Some just bought me groceries and a couple of doctors opted to give me treatment without me paying for the part my medic insurance does not cover, cause they don't want me to get worse than now. My health condition has deteriorated to about four years ago when I was not diagnosed. Right now I have asthma and last month I had a massive cranial congestion that almost killed me since I wasn't able to get myself to the hospital and I made thanks to a cousin that happened to be awake at 2:00 am. I barely can cover my medical expenses this month, I still don't know for sure fi I can really make it. I'll know for sure next week.

Since my financial resources are so limited I have to cook daily, basically burn my food in the kitchen cause I tend to fall sleep, or cook stews and soup I can reheat and eat the same thing for days to avoid burning my house. Last night my best friend gave me money for gas so I can help her around with other things, but I already feel like my employer wants to kill me cause they cant fire me yet. I'm even considering getting a narcolepsy response dog to ensure my job and my well being, even when my cataplexy is under control since Christmas (that means no falling down, since I notice when they star and I can look for a safe place to seat before I reach the floor).

I already filed to the EEOC, and even went to the Department of Labor to ask for financial help but the part where they need to investigate and the weeks, months go by and my condition is getting worst due to the stress level I'm in, is unbearable. All I can think of is that a year ago I could even wear high heels and work overtime when they needed and I complied, but now to the same people I'm not capable to do my shores. They don't even think that with $380 even buying food to care for my health is not easy.

I don't know where else to go, I even have an union lawyer that is supposed to defend my case, but reality check He hasn't be very efficient in the last ten years, neither with others as well as with me. A couple of friends told me to file for additional medical coverage and to welfare so I can al lest get something to eat and not loose my essentials, but I feel like I'm not supposed to be doing all that since I have a job and this is not supposed to be happening. I even called the Office to the people with disabilities and they said they could not help cause I already filed at the EEOC. Meanwhile what? How am I gonna eat, bathe, cook if I don't have water, electricity, nor food? How am I gonna pay for the 11 meds that I need every month to care for my health, cause the other 14 homeopathic ones are not in my system for months so secondary effects are also affecting me. I have two meds that my insurance does not cover, an injection of $56 that I used to pay $96, (I found a cheaper drugstore than Walgreens), and a medication that my brother gets thru his in-laws pharmacy and $70 bucks the bottle?

I know people has it worse, but I'm scared for my life and I feel cornered and with no more options. All that keeps me sane is my faith and the hope of fair justice, but what happens if this continues for six more months? How am I gonna survive? I live alone I have little family and the closest one is in denial so she believes I'm faking all this.

I want to go back and study to see if I can get other options besides my actual job, but the student loans, are gonna destroy me any opportunity on doing that either. What can I do? Please help! I'm being threatened on my life and I don't know how to save myself from all this. Thanks ahead and Bless you all.

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 04:09 PM

I don't know what services may be available where you are so I can only advise what I know. I live in NC, USA. I would check with your employer for any sick leave/short or long term disability benefits. Apply for federal social security benefits. At social services apply for food stamps, medicaid for medical expenses, rent assistance and any other benefits you may be eligible for. They usual have funds to help with cut off notices on water, gas, or electricity. If you get medicaid they will usually help with gas for medical appts. Check into vocational rehabilitation. They help you get into a different type job when you can no longer do the type work you are used to. Sometimes they help with medical too. We have an agency in our town that helps with food and medical costs when you fall through the cracks at social services. You need to talk to someone at social services if you have one and let them guide you. Each person you see ask questions as they may know of something that could help that the person you talked to before them didn't. Good luck!