Art Show & Nap Room At Nn Conference!

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There will be an ART SHOW & NAP ROOM at the Narcolepsy Network Conference, Friday, October 19 - Sunday, October 21, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Organizers Pam Sabourin + Laura Evert wish to encourage each of you to participate! The art show will include a display of art pieces that express the artist's life with narcolepsy, sleep (or the lack there of) + dreams. We would also love to see art + crafts made by those with narcolepsy where a direct link to their narcolepsy may not be as clear.

You need not be a distinguished artist, poet, writer, painter, sculptor, photographer, or filmmaker to take part. By living with narcolepsy you have something important to contribute, whether art or craft. Let's see what you have made!

Please let Laura or Pam know the following prior to the conference, preferably by October 1 via email:

[1] Name, city, state, telephone, email, website.

[2] Whether you are attending the conference or not.

[3] ARTIST'S STATEMENT: please include a brief statement (no longer than 1/2 of a letter size page or so, please) about yourself + your art or craft piece(s). This is important! Others love to read these. It adds so much to your work

Laura J. Evert, email: [email protected]

Pam Sabourin, email: [email protected]

We will be taking photographs + putting together a follow-up piece about the all the works on display + the people who made them. Your permission will be asked to make sure you want to be included.

If you would like to share MORE THAN TWO pieces of work, please contact Laura or Pam to make sure we have the space available.

There is no fee to participate but each artist is responsible for all costs related to their art or craft, including shipping costs if you will not be bringing the work yourself. A PRE-PAID RETURN SHIPPING LABEL MUST BE INCLUDED WITH ALL WORKS SHIPPED. You are also completely responsible for the well being of your art [i.e. must pack it well, see that it arrives, set it up (unless shipping + not attending), etc]. Please bring/include a table top easel with your work if you can.

If you are not bringing your artwork with you or are not attending, we will have you ship your artwork to Laura Evert who will transport it to the conference on Friday afternoon. Her address is 2206 Indiana Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201-1312. Call her at 614-784-8823 if questions.


Remember 'Dreams prove us creative artists, natural poets capable of imagery unbounded by the cognitive restrictions of waking life. [words + wisdom from The Natural Artistry of Dreams, a book by Jill Mellick, 1996.]

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