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Life is all about choices.

Basically what we choose to become is in our hands. No one can make choices for you. If you allow someone else to make choices for you, basically you are giving up your power to them.

Sitting down to meditate at least for 30 minutes a day helps to destress us.

It also allows the energy within us to flow instead of being tied up in a gideon knot of stress.

Try this:

Sit and use your mind to see a switch. Make it simple. On and off should be written below the knob that activates the switch.

Add the word Sleep and awake after on and off.

When you want to stay awake turn the switch to off sleep.

When you want to go to sleep. Turn the swith to on sleep.

What will that get you?

Training your brain to remain in a positive state of awareness.

Next, focus your mind upon what triggers your sleep mode or cateplexy.

Then tell your mind to avoid and ignore those triggers.

The process is much like this.

When I was a young boy I used to have nightmares. I eventually developed a simple process to change my sleep state.

I turned my pillow around while thinking, "I am changing my dream to a better one as I turn this pillow around.

It worked.

Then I advanced even further by manifesting tools to fight off those "dream Monsters"

Always begin your meditation with watching your breathing. Then move on to listening to your heart.

If the sleep comes make sure you don't struggle against it. Flow with it. See where it takes you.

Record your visions and make sure you buy a good book on the interpretation of dreams.

Don't take any phenomena that you may experience too seriously. The goal is to use those states, seeing, hearing, experiencing as tools. Don't become a slave to them.

One more thing. Want to stay awake longer?

When you turn off the sleep mode with that switch - see the colour red. That represents the Beta mode.

Make sure to see the colour blue within your mind. This maintains a state of alpha and calmness that goes with it.

I have provided some tools here.

Now the choice is yours to practice them.

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