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I've had N for almost 10 years now and have always had very vivid and detailed dreams, after years of recording my dreams I've noticed a few reoccurring dreams that play out in different ways...Usually consisting of a great body of water,a large ship, me drowning. What makes these dreams really stand out is once the water rises above the ceiling of the room I'm in and my body is fully submerged I can feel the structures that were once around me fall on top of my body and as I'm physically restrained It feels like I then become a spirit because all the other obstacles pass right through me, not causing any real pain almost like my spirit is then floating to the top. I imagine this is how it feels to drown and wonder if I could be recalling my past life.I've had this dream so many times I just don't know what else I could possibly link it to.

I've done a little research on reincarnation and its recognized in most religions even catholic (which I consider my self). I was just curious if anyone else has had similar dreams.

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You aren't alone. I have had dreams in which I was male. I'm not, at least now in this life. I can't decide whether it's just that N makes everything so vivid and real, or if I actually had a past life and was a man. N has really shaken all sense of what is real and what is not for me.

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