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Suddenly Sleep Saturday

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Oops, this topic should have read "Suddenly Sleepy Saturday"--my apologies for the one typo I can't correct! Chalk it up to narcolepsy, I suppose? :rolleyes:

Did anyone do something to promote National Sleep Awareness Week (ends tomorrow, March 11th), or today--which is Suddenly Sleepy Saturday - Narcolepsy Awareness Day? If so, what did you do?

Although I haven't told a lot of people that I have narcolepsy since I prefer to keep my health issues somewhat private, I posted a link (to the Narcolepsy Network site) and blurb about today to my ~1150 Facebook friends, and I've been tweeting about it from more than one Twitter handle. I've also told a bunch of my friends about this week/today, and asked them to spread the word about narcolepsy, since most people don't know what it is; if they do, they tend to think of it as the character portrayed in Deuce Bigalow. Unfortunately, that's a very inaccurate portrayal of narcolepsy as we well know, and there are varying degrees and symptoms of narcolepsy a narcoleptic experiences. I'm hoping that I can get at least a handful of people to do some reading about narcolepsy so they'll be better informed, because quite frankly, I'm shocked that narcolepsy is more common than cystic fibrosis, yet less well-known. Additionally, it might spur some people to look for warning signs in teens who are developing narcolepsy, or at the very least, enable people to view narcoleptics in a more understanding light.

Narcolepsy Awareness Day isn't over, yet! There's still time to tell people, post on Facebook, tweet to your followers, or write a short blog! Please spread the word. I've tried tweeting a few celebrities; most notably, Jimmy Kimmel. I figured if he was reposting people's tweets about KONY, he would repost at least one of mine about narcolepsy (since he has it), but it doesn't look like his Twitter account has been active for almost a week now. :mellow: Maybe if more of us try, he will in the future!

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