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We Made It --Ssi

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We/Son went before the judge..They had me speak before the judge without son first unexpected ..We were told son would see the judge with only his advocate but he changed his mind and let me stay..Son cataplexyed(?)twice..The judged asked yes and no questions and the advocate explained the yes and no answers..Son did get a chance to say a few things besides no/yes ..They had a Dr conference and he agreed son had cataplexy and no one can fake being contented to wires and fake cataplexy during the last sleep study..They had someone there from the work force and he answered no to all the judges questions..The judge was nice and not rude or pushie.. We/Son walked out feeling good..The advocate told us told it be 60 to 90 days before we get an answer .. A week or 2 later later we got a favorable notice from the judge explaining their finding in sections..Thats good.. A week or two later we get the news he now has SSI..They back dated him to jannary 2010..Now he has medi-cal so now the Dr shopping starts.. They sent him a list of Drs in our town so now we have to call each one asking if they know anything about narcolepsy before he fills out the paperwork.. They sent him his medi-cal card to the house great no having to stand in a long line fill out the paper work get an apt then go back and stand in line..He has until Jan 12 to find one..The advocate gets 25% of what ever he gets worth every DIME..I'm going to call his advocate and ask if we find a Dr in another town can he change Drs as of now if the Dr he finds here doesn't work out here..She says call anytime if we have question...

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