Clarithromycin And Carnitine - Non-Narcoleptics This May Help

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FYI, if you have hypersomnia but tested negative for narcolepsy, this study may help you. Dr. Rye at Emory (who is my doc) is seeing some pretty amazing results with people. There is a spinal tap that they can do in the office to test for the GABAA protein and then some of the patients are responding very well to the Clarithromycin (a command anti-biotic) Unfortunately for me, I did not respond to the Clarithromycin, but a lot of other people are. Once my spinal tap results come back (2 months since the research study is low on funding) then they can try me on some of the other meds to try and suppress that protien receptor.

Also, they are finding a lot of folks have a canitine difficiency (used by your cells to produce energy). There is a simple blood test they can do to see if you are low or not and they sell the supplements over the counter. Carnitine is found is most energy drinks (not 5 hour energy though) so you may already be taking it.

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Thanks for sharing Dustin. I tried Clarithromycin and found it was of some help with my Idiopathic Hypersomnia, but not enough on its own. It does help work out whether the sleepiness is caused by the GABA problem though for those of us unable to easily have a doctor prescribe flumazenil.

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