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Where's My Hypocretin/orexin Nasal Spray?

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#21 Emo



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Posted 13 April 2013 - 12:10 PM

Gotta have the recipe.  Who's got the recipe?





#22 DeathRabbit



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Posted 15 April 2013 - 09:45 AM

Well, making pharmaceuticals is tougher than just mixing up a batch of cookies. It often takes a chain of many chemical reactions in a row to get it right. And if you do it incorrectly, use the slightest incorrect amount of something, or just don't control the environment properly, you can end up with deadly impurities or even the wrong thing entirely. And you'd have no way to really check to make sure you got it right without access to appropriate lab equipment. That's one of the reasons meth is so dangerous, if someone uses a tad bit of extra drano, well, then you may end up with some drano in your meth. Even pharma companies get it wrong sometimes; we tested some commercial apsirin (acetylsalicylic acid) when I was in college, and there was still a decent amount of phenol left in it, which is toxic. I know it might be tempting, and I definitely feel your pain, but amateur chemistry is never the answer.